medical technology


Your items are produced under Laminar Flow Conditions acc. to Cleanroom class 7 (ISO 14644)  

Due to high processing temperatures plastic components are nearly non-pyrogenous. To avoid subsequent contamination GREIVE produces under Laminar Flow Cabinets and collect your products in closed aluminium containers. These containers leave the injection molding machines for clean room inspection under Laminar Flow and the items will then be packed in double PE-bags and prepared for onward transport.

medical technology


Greive Product Stewardship Documents PSD

  • REACH Conformity declaration  

  • ROHS Conformity declaration  

  • DS – Data Sheets raw material  

  • MSDS -Material Safety Data Sheets raw material  

  • GAD – General Absence Declarations raw material (BPA, Latex, Phtalates, Animal Origin, etc.)  

  • Conflict Minerals  

  • Technical Drawings of Greive Products  

  • Inprocess Inspection Data / Product Specification Greive Products  
  • ISO 9001 Certificate by Lloyd’s Register      

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